Golden Dozen Solitaire

Golden Dozen Solitaire 1.0

Golden Dozen features twelve fun and challenging solitaire games

Golden Dozen Solitaire is a fantastic compilation of solitaire games that guarantees entertainment for your free hours. This compilation consists of twelve solitaire games, and includes, from the classic Spider and Free Cell games to the challenging Tri Peaks and Forty Thieves. Some games are easier than others, so, depending on your skills and mood you can choose a different game mode. If you are an expert solitaire fan and want more challenge and action, just check the turbo mode box, to add a limit time to your game. In turn, if you prefer playing in a relaxed mode just leave the the box unchecked, and you will be enjoying your favorite solitaire without any time constraint.
Golden Dozen's graphics are good, some cards even include an animated character, and there are different options to choose as the background color or a different deck designs. Besides, there are three music tracks to choose, all very cool and ideal to chill out. Golden Dozen Solitaire has a freeware license, so you can download it whenever you want, without registering or creating an account on the site. It is a highly recommended game for solitaire fans and newcomers.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Easy to play
  • Twelve different games
  • Free


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